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Environmental Legal Framework - Albania

Law No.8934, dated 05.09.2002 “On Environment Protection”

Law No.8897, dated 16.05.2002 “On Protection of Air from pollution”

Law No.8906, dated 06.06.2002 “On Protected Areas”

Law No.9587, dated 20.07.2006 “On Protection of Biodiversity”

Law No.8905, dated 06.06.2002 “On Protection of Marine Environment from Pollution and Damage”

Law No.8990, dated 23.01.2003 “On Impact Assessment on Environment”;

Law No. 9115, dated 24.07.2003 “On Environmental Treatment of Waste Waters”;

Law No.9010, dated 13.02.2003 “On Environmental Administration of Solid Waste”

Law No. 9103, dated 10.07.2003 “On Protection of Trans-border Lakes”

Law No.9108, dated 17.07.2003 “On Chemical Substances and Preparations”

Law No 8906 dated 6.06.2005 “On Forests and Forest Service”

A group of Decisions of the Council of Ministers were drafted, approved and entered into force during this period, which facilitate the application of laws and weight considerably in the regulation of environmental juridical relations of separate sectors and directions. Just as an illustration, the following can be listed:

Decision “On Monitoring of Environment in the Republic of Albania”

Decision “On Approval of the National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP)”

Decision “On Emission Norms in the Air”

Decision “On Declaration of Monuments of Albanian Nature”

Decision “On Declaration of Butrint a Ramsar Area”

Decision “On Approval of the Coastal Area Management Plan”

Decision “On Establishment of Inter-sector Committee for Implementation of the NEAP”

Decision “On Establishment of the Institute of Environment”

Decision “On Administration of Protected Areas”

Decision “On Procedures of Approval of Protected and Buffer Areas”

Decision “On Certification of Experts for Compilation of the Impact Assessment Report on Environment and Environmental Auditing”

Decision “On the Documentation of Environmental Permit and its Elements”

Decision “On Temporary Emission Norms in the Air”





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