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PLANFOR-Signing Ceremony, Forestry Faculty, Sarajevo, BiH, 1.06.2016



Ceremonia e firmosjes së Marrëveshjes Trepaleshe të bashkëpunimit në fushën e mbrojtjes së natyrës dhe mbarështimit të pyjeve, mes Turqi-Shqipëri-BiH, Fakulteti i Pylltarisë, 1.06.2016,

PLANFOR-Signing Ceremony, Forestry Faculty, Sarajevo, BiH, 1.06.2016

Signing Partners:

  1. AlbaForest Centre- www.albaforest.com

  2. The Foundation of the People Caring for the Future -CARFU- www.gonder.org.tr

  3. Green Turkey Foresters Association- www.yesilturkiye.org.tr

  4. OSTİM Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Cluster- www.ostimenerjik.com

  5. Soil Science Society of Turkey-SSST- www.toprak.org.tr

  6. The Nature Conservation Center-DKM- www.dkm.org.tr

  7. The Turkish World Parliamentary Association-TDPV- http://www.tdpv.org/

  8. Union of Agriculture and Forestry Workers-TOÇBİRSEN- www.tocbirsen.org.tr

The Platform of the Associations of Nature and Forestry – PLANFOR: Climate change, land degradation, loss of biodiversity and other problems affect the people and the globe as a whole. Combating to these global challenges needs to global efforts not only for the governments and state agencies but also for non- governmental organizations, individuals and private sector.


For this aim, the above NGOs from different countries stated below come together and agreed to sign this “COLLABORATION PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT” to do something jointly for the benefit of the people and the globe we want. “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” is considered to be one of the main basis document of this partnership. This partnership is open to all parties willing to join and sharing the same believes and approaches defined at the text and the related UN regulations and principles.

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